Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winner for prompt #8

Sooo very sorry guys with the delay in the announcement of winner #8. I have been hitting up the egg nog Sandy:)

Ok, the winner of prompt #8 "One" is.....................................................................................

Congratulations Lena, you have won that awesome Sweet Spuds kit. Please email me at:

We will return January, 12 2009 with a new prompt. Until then, have a very wonderful holiday and healthy new year to you and your family!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Way to go, Hunt and Peckers!

Holiday Chaos.

Holiday chaos has had me in its grips!! We have not forgotten about the winner of prompt #8. The poll is up now and the team is voting. We will pick a winner by the latest, Thursday. That winner will receive that fabulous Sweet Spuds kit. I cannot believe all of the wonderful entries we had this prompt. Its going to be hard. I want to thank you allll for participating, and I hope that we see all of you next year to play along some more.

Can you believe the holidays are here?? Yikes!!!!


Monday, December 15, 2008

we're very naughty.....

Ho ho hold on to your candy canes people......

The typists are a bit behind the ball (*cough* too much egg nog and rum....shhhh....). We'll be back shortly with the winner of that amazing Sweet Spuds kit, and a farewell, and a happy holidays, and all that jazz.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just had to share this great item I found on Etsy! Check it out! They are adorable personalized ornaments with special holiday lettering! Though my fellow type lovers would enjoy this!

Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To round out the year.

S0 far we have had 7 wonderfully awesome inspiring ladies guest design for us and I thank them all!!! We hope to have more truly cool chicks next round.

On to our 8th guest typist, and our last one before 2009.

This lady is a magician when it comes to paper. She makes one of a kind collages and very intriguing layouts that are so interesting to admire. She has a technique that I have not seen anyone do, and let me tell you its pretty darn cool. Her eye for design is amazing and it all reflects on her very inspiring blog(be sure to take a browse) As you can tell, I have become a fan of her work since I found her only a few months ago. She just got back from huge trip and went straight to creating prompt #8 for us, talk about super sweet:) Well, there is my intro to our final guest typist of the year, and here is her intro:

"Hi, my name is Rose. I've just returned to beautiful New Zealand after a 7 month holiday/work/adventure overseas. I'm a huge fan of paper, typography and attacking magazines with a craft knife. Thanks to the Creative Type team for asking me to be a guest designer, it was great to finally get to play with all the paper I've been carting around! My inspiration for this prompt was statement jewellery. And there's no more relevant statement for me than 'MAKE'.. I have 'slight' perfectionist issues ;) Gotta love that stern look too!"

*Take on Prompt #8 "Make"*

Thank you Rose once again, its amazing!

Monday, December 1, 2008


"One" is the focus of prompt #8, and this will be the one last prompt before we take a mini vaca for the holidays. We will back and better then ever after the New Year! So be on the lookout. This prompt is all about taking one word that means something to you and making it the focal point of your layout. Make its bold, make it colorful, make it stand out and speak to the viewer. Maybe you have a picture that's special to you, and one word really stands out when you look at that image. Maybe there is just a word you love to hear, you like the way it sounds(I know I have a few) Its all about that one word. Once again, possibilities are endless. And remember, as always, its all about the type:) Thank you to Sweet Spuds for sponsoring this prompt! One lucky winner will be chosen to take home this fabulous kit.
Be sure to go and check out their site and possibly splurge on yourself for the holidays, come on you deserve it!

Please link all entries in the comment section of this post by Sunday, December 14th, 12 pm eastern time. A winner will announced on Monday, December 15th. We look forward to seeing what you got, the last hooray before the holidays.

Now I leave you with some inspiring typist takes on this prompt.





*Pam* hers is very white and sparkly, a little hard to see, but still beautiful:)




And we have a winner for prompt # 7.......................................................................

Rifi!!!!! congrats girl. Be sure to email me your address so I can get that prize off to you ASAP.

Be on the lookout tonight for our guest designer. She is very unique and truly inspiring:)