Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone!!! Its Halloween today and its a lovely day here in NY. I am currently in the city at work, and 6Th Ave is gearing up for their fairly awesome Halloween Parade. Unfortunately, we will be skipping it this year for a low key horror move and couch potato mode, which I have to say, I am looking forward to. I know a few of you have grand things planned, some including parties or just taking the kiddies out to trick or treat. Whatever it may be, make sure you enjoy every moment of it. This happens to be one of my very favorite holidays, for sure. Oh and if you get any Reese's peanut butter cups, have a few for me..................they are my favorite out of the candy bunch! We will be having prompt #6 coming up on Monday and a winner of course announced hopefully Sunday night(for prompt #5) I have to say that we have been very lucky with our guest Typists, and we have another spectacular one that will make her appearance on Wed, so be sure to check in. If you haven't linked up your project yet for our current prompt, get on it. Remember we are giving away a $20 dollar GC to One Good Bumble Bee, that's some fun bucks to spend over on that very addicting and every so lovely shop. I have a great link to post to a very Typography inspired shop in Seattle, I will get on that as soon as I have the info in front of me, at the moment I don't:( It will be worth it. Also if you would like to contribute to the prize pot for our prompt winners, please contact me at We will be sure to show you off for all to see. And of course we would appreciate it tons!!!! That's about it, remember to have a safe, fun, sugar induced Halloween!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Type from Trees

Look at this loveliness from Mudglue--what a creative way to enjoy autumn's bounty!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So pleased to introduce.........

Our FIFTH guest designer(guest typist) here on The Creative Type. I have been a reader of her blog and avid fan of her work for a few months now. Some of you may also visit her blog, or her newest endeavors as a TAIF girl or over on Scrap Mojo as one of the Mojo ladies. Anyway you know her, its hard not to find her inspiring as well as a down to earth chick hands down.

Thank you for joining us Dani! You inspire and I am sure I can speak for many others. I look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve.

But for now, take a look at what she whipped up for prompt #5 "Fill it with words"


"I took a piece of random office supply type paper I had hanging out in my paper drawer and backed it with Kraft card stock. It already had holes punched in it so I knew I could slip it into any art journal or album when I wanted. I gessoed over the paper a bit, used some star stickers as masking for the blue stars and did some hand drawn stars as well. I used some Coldplay lyrics (a song I've been wanting to use on a project for so long yay!) inside the stars for my journaling. I love handwriting my own stuff, and so I really wanted to just write it out myself. After attaching the photo and adding a little lace paper behind it, I added the title "*shine" up the side of the photo, just because I can't resist a reason to break out my glitter letters! This was such a fun project, a new way to add journaling that I had never tried before!"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Words, words, words.................and a winner!

Hey whats up Typography lovers? Patty here, ready to post prompt #5 as well as our prompt #4 winner of that great Gift Certificate to be used at One Good Bumble bee.
First off I would like to apologize for all delays and issues that we may have here and there. We are a laid back challenge blog, here for fun and inspiration. I don't run the tightest ship, but I enjoy what we have.

Second off, time to announce our winner from the previous prompt...................................................

Lara created lettering by twisting magazine pages. Great idea, and it looks so neat!!! And once again I have to say that it is always hard picking a winner. THEIR all great, so I hope you continue to challenge yourselves along with us!!!


And now I bring to you "Fill it in with words". That is our next prompt. What do you have to do you ask?? Well, pick a shape that you relate to, i.e a house, heart, book, etc. Then fill that shape in with words that relate to that shape. Once again, focus on the typography. Maybe make each word a different font style. Some words can be bold, some words can be skinny, some even script. Have your shape stand alone as its own piece, or add it onto a layout page like a few of our design team girls did. Make it work for you.
I think you get the idea! Remember to link all entries in this post's comment section no later then Sunday, November 2ND 12 pm Eastern time. We are giving away another GC to One Good Bumble Bee. I just adore their shop and want to share that with you!!!

Now take a look at how are Typists worked it:










Go and have fun with this and be back on Wed. for the revealing of our guest designer. She is pretty rad if I do say so myself:)

Challenge #4 submissions

The layouts submitted for our 4th challenge are mind-blowing!! Seriously, you guys outdid yourselves! Here's a look at the amazing creations for this round......

don't forget to check out challenge #5 later tonight - you won't want to miss it!!

Just a little reminder!

Tonight prompt #5 will be up as well as the winner of Prompt #4. Be sure to stop in and check it out!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's that time...

halloween time that is!!
check out for some great halloween fonts!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Typography news

Well, I have tweeked around with our blog. It was looking to its starting to suit our personalities better:)

Ok, now for some information. How about a wonderful site called "Typography News"?

Go and take a look around, its over flowing with all sorts of Type.

Also if you or anyone you know would like to sponsor a challenge, we would greatly appreciate it and would mention your site on our blog.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


This is the font I created in college. Meet Spindle and commercial i made to present it in my typography class.

Sorry it runs alittle slower than in real life. TFL!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A much belated winner #3

Hey guys!!!! So as you can tell, some of us are behind with things on here, especially me. Its Thursday evening and our winner should have been picked on Sunday night, but so much has been going on. With that, I would like to announce the winner of Prompt #3- Use a quote challenge. They were all great once again and we love each and everyone of you who participates(that goes without saying), and I wish everyone could win. The winner was chosen via a poll we do over on our team yahoo group(so its done very fair) just so you know:)

Ok, ok.........................................................................................................

Rose created a very visually interesting layout. Very unique for sure. So, Rose, you are the winner of that very funny named book "Hand Job". I am a proud owner of it already, and its just sooo much fun and it inspires you to get into hand lettering. Enjoy!!!(please email me your mailing address, email me at

By next prompt we will have it where every one's work will be shown(one winner will be chosen soon) but the rest will have its spotlight, because they really do all deserve it.

Also be sure to click on the t.v to the right to read the details on our latest prompt. And check out our ubber cool guest typist.

Another fun prize to be had. Why not try and make it yours??

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

better late than never

for my page i hand cut the word "live" out of cardstock, hand stitched "laugh" and painted "love." can't wait to see everyone rock this prompt!! hopefully we can be of inspiration to you all.
<3 Shaina

late but done!

Here is my contribution to the make your own lettering challenge. I cut my letters from wood grain drawer liner - simple, simple.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The guest designer who inspired this prompt.

Well, all the guest designers inspire me, as well as all of our team members and all of the guests of our blog.

However, when coming up with this prompt, I thought back to this lovely girl who resides over in the UK. I remember first catching some of her stuff on Flicker, lots of wonderful photography and a collection of unique layouts and journal pages. A style that stands apart from alot of others.
So, I became an admirer of her work, checking out her blog here and there, seeing what she was coming up with.

Down the line I noticed she started selling her own lettering and paper designs over on ETSY, definitely one of a kind and brilliant.

I only felt it perfect to ask her to be our 4Th guest designer on The Creative Type and was over joyed when she said yes. I knew that she would present us with some inspiring and fantastic takes on this prompt.

I present to you, the loverly................ Kimberley Smith(be sure to go and take a look around her blog).

"Allo! I am a big fan of imperfections. I love the quirky bits that life has to offer- it keeps things interesting!That’s one of the main reasons why I adore typography, there is just so much you can say.So- I was excited to be picked for this challenge!! I use cut-outs, A LOT!There is something really satisfying and therapeutic about cutting out letters.They have so much character, those cute little letters!"

*A variation of quotes Kim writes down to keep. The lettering is made with the cover of a Vogue magazine.

Thank you Kim, I'm sure you have intrigued numerous readers and Typists alike!!!! I know that I enjoyed seeing what you had done and I look forward to seeing more.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Creating your own lettering.

Prompt #4 is all about designing and using your very own lettering. Think up something unique, different, you! Draw it out on patterned paper, a magazine page or as one of our Typists did...................felt and then cut it out and go to town. Use your lettering in your title or in your journaling. There is so much you can do with this prompt, explore it all, have fun and share with us(because you inspire us as much as we may inspire you)

One lucky girl will take home this fabulous prize.........................a twenty dollar GC to One Good Bumblebee. Which by the way is a pretty cool prize, because they have some sweet stuff on their site:)

Now its time to take a peek at what the Typists have done, be prepared to be inspired!



Danyeela's layout is done in German so here is a little information on it:
"This is a layout on the warm broth that I got every evening when I was
fasting this summer in the blackforest. Journaling says that I spend
the day hiking in the forest and had a delicious soup at night. Thats
enought to be happy :-). I cut out the letters from a newspaper. The
title says: "fasting broth - warm, spicy, good."








SO up your take on prompt #4 by Sunday,
October 19th at 12 pm Eastern time.
Be sure to post the link to your image in the comment section of this entry.
Also, be on the look out for the winner of Prompt #3.
We choose our winners in a very fair way, via polls.
We are still awaiting those results:)
AND be back on Tuesday to see who our very cool, very fabulous, very creative Guest designer is.
You will so want to see!!!

ALSO a very big thank you to our very own Danyeela
for creating our very new banner. We are currently trying
to make our blog all spiffy so please be patient:)

check this...

Such an awesome site.....

I love typography.

check it!