Sunday, August 31, 2008

Say hello..............

To this new Typist. She is creative, sweet as can be and another international addition.

I think this blog is now chock full of creative, fun, outgoing, inspiring girls.

Yay for 21:)

animal letter zoo.

This might be an old one for a lot of you, but man...I love it.

Bembo's Zoo.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

untamed frog budging aseptically

Here's another fun one: Random Phrase Generator! Stuck for a layout title? Need journaling inspiration? Check out this site, where you can specify what type of word (noun, adverb, etc.) and maximum complexity/obscurity of the random phrase. (Yes, the title of this post was randomly generated!)

Also potentially giggle inducing: the Random Paragraph generator, where you can specify a primary and secondary subject, and get a 4-5 sentence all about them! Finally, if you're really stuck for creative ideas, try the Random Word Brainstorming tool, where you follow a series of steps and receive some
unusual combinations of words and ideas related to your situation.


Friday, August 29, 2008

sitting at home on a friday night...

okay so hopefully you all have something more interesting to do than i tonight...but just in case i got something fun for you to try. {on a little side note i typed 'fun things to do with fonts' into google and got a list of fun things to do in montgomery, alabama, so there you go if you live in montgomery. you're welcome.}

go check out this site called type-is-art. and just play around and have fun! it reminds me of when prince turned his identity into a symbol (his niece is a student at my school - just sayin' that's only one degree of separation, yes one.). you'll there's a whole gallery in there of 'art' people have made from type. the best part? you can save your artwork (and even frame it and sell it on etsy i suppose!!) so if you make one please link it up in here and/or in the flickr group so we can see it! i'm off to play now. have a lovely weekend friends. (-:


Thursday, August 28, 2008

hi here

shaina that is.... and i'm so happy about it!!! :D

initially i was so overwhelmed by the amount of talent in the DT. it took me a little bit to overcome that and just get on to the scrappin....which is what this is all about!! so here is my take on the poster. i wanted to really challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone, so i decided that i would google "concert posters" and try to find inspiration in the very first one i found. so here it is:

and i also want to give a big congrats to our girl allison on her engagement!! so happy for you. :)

so there you have it friends.... my first post (yay) and my take on our first prompt. stay tuned....we're going to be having so much fun!

a big announcement!!

now, read the date before you get too excited...
adam proposed last night!!!!

so, my movie/concert poster is actually my engagement announcement!!
so glad that i could share this with all of you!
don't forget to upload you prompts to flickr!


Joy & Love - The Creative Type

Joy & Love - The Creative Type, originally uploaded by lara**.

I loved the font that Lara chose for this layout!

Its very geometrical, and unique. Reading the techniques and products that went into this layout was really interesting. I love the monochrome going on, and to me its very Andy Warholish. What a great take on Prompt #1.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Had fun, time to share:)

Hey guys!!!

Today I finally got to work on the first prompt, which I had alot of fun doing. It made me think in many way, like what is it I really like/enjoy, and it also made me focus on different ways of writing the words. I tried to go the distance and get fun on some of the stuff I wrote. So here is my Inspiration Poster:

And here is my take on it:

*click on image to enlarge.

I used my favorite Micron pens in all different sizes, also my trusty Sharpie, some paint and my newest Crayola markers.

If you haven't done yours yet, get going:) September 1st begins our design team bio week and on September 8th our second prompt will be up.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hello Its Becki with my take on Prompt #1.

Hello everyone! I am so excited to post this...I have actually been so nervous about posting my first assignment on my first design team! Its so exciting at the same time! SO Here we go!

I chose this poster of Billie Holiday..I looked at a lot of posters full of color and for some reason the cobalt blue in this one just took me! I love the levels and the color and the simplicity of it! Its so elegant and LOVELY!
SO on to my take on the prompt! I used SO MANY PHOTO SHOP FILTERS I don't even remember them all but the ultimate goal was to make me look Drawn and BLUE!! I love how it turned out! Hope you all do too!

back to school

i know for a lot of us, back to school time has already come or is fast approaching.
i started yesterday!
so, in honor (i guess??) of the back to school season, here are some amazing fonts:

school themed



Look what I bought..

... a dipping pen and ink! Now I actually learned to write using pen and ink-(that's showing my age!) but I haven't used one since primary school. Well, it's just fantastic writing with this little beauty. Suddenly I can do that fancy loopy writing like all the famous scrapbookers! I can do italics too! I love it so much I'm going out to buy some different sized nibs. Why not try it for yourself?

me too

Hi, this is me, Danyeela, and this is my first entry here, but for sure not the last one. First of all: I am glad to be in this amazing DT, to share and inspire and get inspired... . Here is a lift I tried for the gigposter-challenge:

my lift

Click here for a bigger version. Don't worry, sometimes I like some "cryptic" journaling!

i fought blogger and i WON!

hi girls,
just a quickie to let you know that i was able to reload the eye candy i loaded and sunday and this time, it appears to be cooperating . . . so scroll down a few posts for lots of fun posters to inspire!

(i am just loving being a part of this fun new community! thanks patty!)

enjoy the day!

A post from Down Under

G'day everyone *grin*
Sharmaine here, signing in from Australia :)

Thought I would jump on in and share the page I made today. When I first saw the prompt for challenge one I thought OH ME OH MY!! I can't do that! but then I just let it sit in my head, well more like roll around in my head, and then today I finally got the chance to sit and let those thoughts out. I twisted the challenge, a little, and made a page that isn't about me, but is about me in that it's the thoughts in my head. I also did it as I wanted to, rather than pulling inspo from somewhere else. So the end result is this, which will now live on the wall near my scrap table.

It is a stark reminder, to me, not to waste time and not to grumble about not having enough, and oh my goodness I didn't use colour!!!!!

So I hope this inspires you to take those thoughts and run with them, to just let the gates fly open and create.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Typography overload

I was away for the weekend, a family function that seemed to last 3 days or so. While I was away I popped in quietly to see what everyone had been posting. Awesome stuff has been going on here if I do say so myself.

So you need some Typography inspiration??
Of course you do, that's what we are here for.

I have a site that will overload you with might need a cup of coffee or tea for this one, a nice spot to sit, and just soak it all in.

I love Typography

I find alot of type inspiration on the covers of albums. I mean, try and count how many times you have crossed paths with a bands new cover and thought how terrific the lettering was, how it caught your eye(or maybe I only think that:)

I have so many to share, here a few to get you started. Try and practice mimicking lettering your find appealing, maybe even bringing your own twist to its look. Just go crazy on a page or two in a sketch book, or notebook. Use different pen tip sizes, markers, pencils. Really experiment and see what you come up with.

I also wanted to give a warm welcome to this girl! She has a fun style, she has a fun style and she will definitely fit in with our Typography family.

hey crazy kids!! just wanted to pop in here very quicky to post my take on the first challenge. i'm so dazzled by the pages so far - so much so that i got stage fright when i went to do mine. lol. well i finally got enough mojo last night to finish it. my page is based on this ben harper {heart him} poster. didn't re-invent the wheel here - it's pretty much a stratight-up jack but i loved the retro 70's basement feel to it so i didn't want to stray too much! thanks to all for your submissions so far and a big hi!!!! to the other typists!! don't forget to hook up your pages to the flickr group! xo sandy

Sunday, August 24, 2008

jumping in!

happy sunday, girls!
cara, coming at you live from sunny denver!
we are getting so excited this week
as our beautiful city is hosting the DNC
(the democratic national convetion)
whatever your political bent,
it is really fun to show off the city you live in.
(we are volunteering as goodwill ambassadors for our city this week,
so i am sure you will be hearing some of our stories
over on my personal blog)

this morning i have been searching for some good
gig poster inspiration
and i found quite a bit!

here is the poster that really stood out to me:

i was actually surprised because i am
normally drawn to things that are a bit more
colorful, graphic, and "pop art-y".
so, it was fun to draw inspiration from something new.

here is my take:
i printed a picture of myself and trimmed it
to form the silhouette.
then i used sharpie markers to do the writing
(i printed the picture of normal paper,
and i think it made it easier to write on)
and i outlined each letter with black ink
to give a finished look to the lettering.
i love the way it turned out so graphic and bold,
while still being simple!

some other posters i loved . . .

that is what i've got for you today!
i hope you have a wonderful end to the weekend!
(and to those on the other side,
happy monday!)


Saturday, August 23, 2008

the one about the concert poster

Good Morning. Susan here. I just finished up my take on our very first prompt and i wanted to share it with you, but before i do that i first off wanted to say that it is not only a pleasure but a true honor to be one of the design team members for The Creative Type Blog. I am amazed at all the great talent we have and a special thanks to Patty for giving me the opportunity to display my art with you all. 

ok. so my inspiration for my lo was taken from this concert poster

I was drawn to the colors and the shapes and, of course, the simplicity of the lettering. so here's what i did

i liked the idea of using my SIS name "one-cool-chick" to give my page more of a movie poster feeling and i used some stamps that were a "fun" font to convey the overall playfulness of the photo. 

can't wait to see more examples of other peoples ideas. it always amazes me how many different varieties people can have for one concept...

chat with ya later

Friday, August 22, 2008

some more inspo

Hey everyone.

It's April, I have to say I am so excited to be part of this great team. I have always loved challenge blogs, anytime I am in a creativity funk they are the best thing to get my mind spinning with ideas. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, if you haven't already go check out the flickr group ~ the creative type . I am loving all the awesome work over there.

Now for my poster, I used this for my inspiration:

I love the look of this poster especially all that lovely type. Here is my take on it:

For this I went completely digital, I still love my paper crafting best but it's fun to mix things up a little bit. I took the picture of myself and cut out the background, then I did a gradual softening of the edges to help it blend into the poster background. Next I picked out my lovely type, I choose more "fun" fonts for most of this to reflect my personality. I hope this helps give a little inspo to everyone.

Also I stumbled upon this site today called ~ Ork Posters, they make awesome typographic posters of different cities. You have to check them out:

I hope everyone has a great weekend & remember to upload your projects no later than September 6th.

xo, April

Inspired by..

Well, hi everyone, Pam here. So first I want to say how excited I am to be part of this blog. I know I am going to have my creativity seriously challenged by participating in the blog prompts, and that's exciting.

So the first challenge-WOW, have I seen some fantastic posters-deciding which to use as my source of inspiration was so hard-but that's OK, because I saved them to a file and can use them as a source of inspiration when my mojo goes awol! In the end I chose this poster:

I loved the vintage feel and that the type is handwritten. Now I can't do lettering like that-you would need to be a trained signwriter I think, and I'm not sure whether signwriters even exist anymore in this digital age, but I did enjoy doing a totally handwritten poster. I also decided to carry the poster theme through to the journalling style, which I've tried to do in a movie trailer style. (Are they called trailers internationally? I used to call them 'shorts' when I was a kid. Anyway I'm rambling on about the movie previews that advertise films that are coming soon.) Here's my take:

The journalling reads:

She lived an ordinary life-married, 2 kids, a house in the suburbs.

She enjoyed simple things-countryside walks, gardening, being alone.

She dabbled in arty stuff.

She hated injustice and queues and housework.

She lived an ordinary life, and yet....... made her extraordinarily happy.

It's great to see some fantastic work appearing on in the flickr gallery too. Keep them coming!!

more concert poster inspiration...

So it's not scrap exactly, but what are you to do when you're throwing a baby shower for your best (rockin') friend, and the baby's daddy is the lead singer in a band?

You've just gotta design a concert poster-inspired invite...

Happy weekend everyone!

"Poster a la loolabelle" ~ Lover of the Creative

Hi Guys

Woo Hoo my first creative endeavour for TCT, Am I Happy or What!!!!

Don't you love the DT that Patty has assembled so FAR!!!! I know I'm in awe!!! Its going to be a Creative Blast, I just know IT!

Well enuf drivel from me, Ive finished my version of the Poster prompt and I wanna do mooooore [lol].

Well this here green poster below is my inspiration

And this here below is my version :)

What have I done?

Ive altered a photo of myself in Photoshop elements [crop/black and white/pixelate filter +++ with added effect with Crystal filter]. Printed it to fit the whole page {Kraft CS}, and used a combination of letter stickers {Doodlebug hopscotch} and Rub-ons {MME distressed} for the title and text. Border is with corrective tape and Zig pen.

Well comon guys, get creative, I so cant wait to see what YOU DO!

Lou :)xxx

Thursday, August 21, 2008

type fanatic

hi all, allison here.
i'm here to share a little inspo + do some enabling.
my concert/movie poster prompt will be revealed later with a big announcement, so until then, check these out:

amazing right?
they are close up images of type, made into magnets by greggo magnets.
you get 63 one-inch magnets for $12.50.
what a deal right?
i bet some of you uber-crafty girls could whip up some of these in your scraproom pretty quick though...
does it make me a bad person that everytime i see something now, i always think i could make it for cheaper??
have a great evening and make sure to link up your prompts or post them to the flickr group!

My Concert Poster

So, my b-day is coming up, and I thought when do I feel more like a rock star than on my birthday? Thus, my concert poster birthday announcement:

Like Patty said, I just let go with music in the background, messed around with some paint, doodled some letters and used big bold font stickers for others. One of the things that inspired me looking at the concert posters was how the designers would use different types of fonts to convey different types of information, but the over-all feel of the posters is totally unified. This is definitely an out-of-the-box layout for me, but it was so much fun to try something new...and I know I'll go back to those concert posters for more inspiration later.
Can't wait to see what the rest of you will make!

Exciting new addition

I was super excited when this girl contacted me. I recall coming across one of her pieces a while back and it was part of the reason I thought about creating a challenge blog like this. It was one of those layouts where you just stare at all the bits and pieces that make it so unique. Even just looking through her blog and flickr you can see that her love of type rings true. So why not have her as one of our Typists?! Plus we have another international lady on our team.

*Read more details about this layout here.

I would also like to give a big welcome to this girl. Her layouts show that she has a good eye for design and placement, and she as well always has a smile on her face. That's exactly what I want for our team, cheery yet serious at times(possibly:) Well that's just me!

So Hello to the both of you!
I'm glad to have you join us.

I have to say I am very happy with the overwhelming interest in all that has been going on over here, and if I do say so myself, we have one rocking team!!!!!! How exciting is that?? I hope we all get to know each other(if we don't already) and I look forward whats to come down the road.

a distraction

hey everyone! sandy here! just thought i'd put a little inspo i came across today here for your entertainment and give poor patty a well-deserved rest! i came across this fun little tool today and thought it might give you all a great reason not to do the dishes, or laundry, or even scrapbook *gasp* for a good half-hour. it's all about words and might give ya all a little boost for the first challenge. have fun! p.s. the one above is from my blog - and patty's name made it's way on to it! go try it, it's really cool.

Need some Prompt #1 inspiration?

I am starting to feel like this blog has been overloaded by just writing. No images that can inspire you or give you something to look at. Its about time that I add some eye candy to help you get inspired on those poster pieces you may be working on. Our very first Guest Designer goes by the name of Kate O'Brien. Many of you may know her from her mini book kit club "Dig Deeper" or you may have noticed her as one of the new Hambly Design team members. Her journaling stands out the most on her layouts and mini books, speaking words of truth that are more then just a layout, more like a piece of art. She expresses her self wonderfully through type and the photographs she takes that sit on her pieces side by side. More of her work can be seen here.

The following is Kate's take on our first prompt!

Thank you Kate for participating.

Bottom reads:

"Goofy, free spirit, peace seeker, loyal, laid back, over thinks everything, eternal optimist, dreamer, strong, confident, artist"
"Lover Of Life"

This is the poster she pulled her inspiration from:

So go and get to work on those Prompt #1 Poster inspired pieces!! And head on over and check out Kate's site.