The TyPisTs

I'm Danielle, a lover of crafting, music, art, vintage goodies,
travel, photography,  photobooths, cooking and iced
chai lattes. I have 2 super daughters and a sweetheart.I have a blog here.
Stop bye and say hi!

Well hello there!  My name is Patty and I live my week days as a nanny in NYC and my weekends as a creative girl who can never say no to a good garage sale or thrift shop.  I love all things vintage, all things paper and all things coffee(all three of those together is even better)  I live with my boyfriend of 5 years and his very large comic book and actions figure collection(he is a geek) We have two wonderful birds, Snowflake and Sunny and one crazy goldfish named Goldie.  One day we hope to move on out  to the country and have a huge family of pets:)  But for now we enjoy our small urban life with great city adventures.  You can read more about me at my blog!  Stop and say hello:)

My name is Marie Ramirez I am a  mom/RDA with 4 children, 1 soul mate and 2 kitties. I have been scrapbooking for about 6 1/2 years but up until 5 years ago it was about one layout a month, now I scrapbook at least 10 a month. I finally figured it was time to start using the stuff I bought instead of hoarding it.
I became addicted to scrapbooking when my Mother in Law passed away. She was the kindest, sweetest, loving woman I have ever met in my life. My children were very young. I wanted them to remember her like I did and I didn’t want to forget a single thing about the awesome mother, grandmother, person that she was. What better way to convey that then in scrapbooking. So here I am! Just one more thing she brought to my life that I love. If you get a chance stop by my blog and take a peek into my crazy life
My name is Kat Poole and I currently live in the United States in Southern California.  I am originally from the eastern United States, but my work caused me to move to the west coast.  I am in love with both places…as long as I am by a beach, I am happy!

I have been seriously scrapbooking since the end of 2008 and it has quickly become one of my favorite hobbies.  I love playing with bright colors and I am absolutely addicted to paper, glue and embellishments! 

When I am not scrapping, I enjoy going to the beach, working out and spending time with my friends, family and boyfriend.  You can find some more of my work at my blog (http://kraftykat9.blogspot.com

I am Kate Codina and I have been stamping & card making since I was about 7 yrs old. I have always loved ink, stamps, and photographs so when I began scrapbooking about 8 months ago it was the perfect marriage. I took a long hiatus from crafting during college and law school, but once I became settled on the Gulf Coast, I found the urge to craft again. I find inspiration in travel, local art, amazing food, and most of all from living in such a beautiful area on the Gulf of Mexico. A day is not complete unless I have created something, whether it is a card, a layout, a new recipe, or a just a mess! I still use the same heat gun I had when I was 7, I definitely don’t get enough sleep, and I can’t imagine an undocumented life!