Monday, October 25, 2010

Movie quotes...

Hello all and happy November to everyone. We loved seeing all the awesome pages from everyone out there last month and hope you'll continue to play along, creating fun and inspiring pages!

First off, in a few days we'll be announcing the newest Creative Type DT members, so please come back and say hello to them!

November's challenges are all about movie quotes. So, pick a movie and a quote from that movie and use it in either your title or in your journaling. Pages are due by the end of November and we'll spotlight our favorite! (We'll be picking our favorite from the Flickr group today and putting up the winner of October's challenge in the next couple days, so check back, it may be you!!) Please remember it's easiest for us to see them if you upload them to our Flickr group, but feel free to leave your blog addy and some of the CT people will stop by to say hi!

Here's what some of the Creative Typists did; Steph B, from In Her Shoes

Jeremy, from Napoleon Dynamite

Wendy, from Pride and Prejudice

Danielle, from To Kill a Mockingbird

Pam, from Steel Magnolias

Marie, from Alice in Wonderland

So upload your pages to our Flickr here, and leave us comments on a link to your blog so we can stop over and say hi! And remember to check back in a few days to meet the newest Creative Typists!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A design team call and the inspiration pages of team B

Hello guys! Patty here. I am super glad to be back at the challenge site that I started 2 years ago. It has come a long way and we have had many awesome design team members old and new take care of it during these past two years. We hope you love it just as much as we do.

Well, we have decided that we shall do our second ever design team call, right about now!

We are looking for 3 new members to add to our already amazing team, and well we have a challenge or shall we say, special prompt just for you. Design and come up with the best type inspired layout about you! That is right, a layout about you, not your child, dog, mom, cat, fish......................a layout that is about who you are, what you love, what makes your hear skip a beat.

We will keep submissions open until November 1st, 10 pm eastern time. Included with your layout just give us a little intro about yourself as well as one prompt idea that you might contribute if you join our team, we want to know what fun challenges you might be able to brew up. We will choose three members based on how well you stay within the challenge, your creativity of both your layout and your prompt idea. And well that is about it for the DT call.

Run free with that and send over your tryout to:
Also feel free to post your DT call layout in our Flickr Gallery. Just label the layout as:
"The Creative Type DT call layout"

Now on to what Team B has created for the Inspirational page prompt.

Amy (inspired by Steph W)

Vanessa (inspired by Dani)

Steph W (inspired by Patty)

Danielle (inspired by Vanessa)

(Patty, inspired by the Sandy, Jen, Danielle)

(Brandy, inspired by Jeremy)

(Louise, inspired by Dani)

(Sandy, inspired by Danielle and Patty)

(Dani, inspired by Vanessa)

Well, keep those "Inspired by" prompts coming:) We will be back on the 1st of November with an all new prompt as well as our favorite layout created by one of you.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome back....

Hey y'all, Danielle here...Welcome back to The Creative Type! We're back from summer break (a little late, I know) and have a lot of exciting new news.
First, we're all really glad to get back into the swing of things and hope you'll join us in the upcoming challenges we have planned. We love seeing what you come up with and being inspired by all the crafty goodness you always show us. It makes us feel really proud to be part of a scrapbooking and crafting community that spans the planet. So stay with us and play along for all the challenges we have coming up!

Over the summer we lost a couple Creative Type DT people, life commitments and whatnot, and we'll miss them and wish them the very best! Hope they'll play along with us sometimes!!!

As for new news, we're excited that our old DT member Sandy has returned once again after spending some time off to be a new mama to her adorable little bean Chloe! Yay for us though, Sandy always brings the most rad stuff.

And we have some new DT members!! You can read their bios in the tab above titled Typists.

Many of you know Jeremy, I was super happy when he decided to join us, he's funny and crazy talented! (P.S. Jer, I love you...)

And I can't wait for you to get to know Marie, she's super creative and a lovely person to boot!!

And many of you know Steph, she's pretty popular in the old scrapbooking circles. We were really excited to have her join us as well!

Elisa who has played along with us since we first started, her pages have inspired and awed us. We just had to have her join our team:)

We have a couple other newbies joining us and as soon as I get their pictures and such, I'll be posting about them!

And we're also looking for a few new Design Team members!! If you think you'd want to join the Creative Type team, please keep an eye out for upcoming news on that. We're looking for creative, fun and commited people to join our CT team. More soon on that.

This challenge is all about INSPIRATIONAL people in your lives. We here at CT had to pick another CT member we are inspired by. It could be their personality, their creative styles, a certain technique they're famous for, and scrapbook them. So, basically, you to pick someone in your life, or maybe in the scrapbook/crafty world (maybe you've never even met them) and scrapboook or do something creative about them. Once you're done, take a picture and upload it here in our Flickr group please!! Also, please leave a comment here on the Creative Type blog with a link to your blog if you have one with the project, and let us know you did upload it to Flickr. It helps us keep track!!

Here's what team A did:

Pam picked Dani and her always fab scrapbooking style, isn't it awesome? Pam, you are so amazing, too!

Marie picked Danielle ;) (love the happy colors!!)

Jeremy did Vanessa (rad!) (Told you he was amazing!)

Danielle picked Steph (we met last year,the UK, this is us outside Hampton Court (Henry VIII's pad, she's the sweetest!)

On the 15th we'll be announcing some other new members, showing what Team B has as their inspirational pages and all about the new Design Team call out!!! With that , you may have noticed we don't mention any prizes this time? Well, honestly, finding sponsors has become more and more challenging with the economy not so hot and we thought, those of you who love to create for the sure pleasure of creating, are doing it for that, not for prizes. We hope you'll stick with us and play along anyway. We will at times offer prizes (anyone out there want to offer a prize, please contact Danielle at Now, go and create something nice about someone who inspires you, and upload it to our Flickr group as well as leave us a link for us here to leave comments on your blog! Come play along!!!