Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where It's "@"....prompt #14!!

Welcome to prompt #14!! This time we're officially stating (like you didn't know already....) that The Creative Type is where it's "@" {like "I got two turntables and a microphone" where it's at people...}. So for this prompt we're embracing the awesomeness of the @ sign. For the record, as far as my indepth research has revealed, it is in fact called the AT sign - who knew? Pretty cool huh.

So to kick start this challenge let me introduce you to our awesome guest desinger, the fabulous Veronica Milan, creator of both Shabby Chic Crafts, and Blueberry Freckles - and a freakin' rad scrapbooker to boot....

Veronica has also generously offerered to sponsor this challenge with any four pack of tags from her amazing Shabby Chic store!!! Seriously, this is a dream. So join in people!!

And take a look at the amazing stuff the Typists did with just a little 'ol @ sign....








JudeanGreat work girls, as always!!!

And we can't leave you to your work without announcing the very lucky winner of the last challenge..... Julie!!! Your beautiful page was a hit with us all, congrats!! And to everyone else who played, you completly "rocked" the lyrics challenge!!!

Julie, please email us at so that we can put you in touch with Veronica and your amazing prize from Blueberry Freckles!!! Congrats!

Well friends, link your creations up in here before the 12th for your chance to win. We can't wait to see what you all come up with!!

Lyrical Lovelies

So many will we choose just ONE winner? Stay tuned, tomorrow we'll announce who gets to take home that awesome prize from Blueberry Freckles, AND the newest prompt!

Remember to check back Monday evening--see you then!

Monday, March 16, 2009

lucky #13 - Let's get lyrical....

There is quite possibly little in this world more inspiring than music so for prompt # 13 we have decided to get lyrical....and we hope you will too!! Use some of your favourite lyrics to feature on your page, and make some lovely music with us!

Our guest designer this round is the amazing, cool, beautiful, and fabulous Danielle Devine-Gill. She's a designer for Category Stories, and she has actually stepped inside the studios of the Free People headquarters. Tis true. Here's her 'stuffs'...

I'm a SAHM of two great daughters whom I homeschool. We are from the west coast, but moved to the Philadelphia area about 2 years ago, but we are now going to live in here and in Mexico City off and on for 2 the next years...yeah, we get around (wanna-be gypsies)... I love all arts-n-crafts, but especially scrapbooking, painting, jewelry making, sewing and embroidery. I also enjoy cooking, hoola hooping, rollerskating, travel, music, gardening, shopping for fun and funky vintage-y stuff, photography, collecting milkglass and matroyshkas,photobooths and spending time with family and friends.

And this is what she did....

Thanks Danielle!!!

Our sponsor for this challenge is the totally cool and innovative new print-at-home stationary shoppe called Blueberry Freckles. The generous Veronica (aka Shabby Chic Crafts) will be furnishing our winner of this prompt with a fantastic prize!! You have to check out her invitations, you customize them yourself and they're yours forever to use as much as you want; I'm in love....they're AMAZING!

And of course, this is what the lovely typists did......

Steph was feeling yellow....

Polaroid action from Shania

Pearl Jam for Sandy
Rocking a Alanis Morissette mini "You Learn" from Brandy
Van Morrison for Patty

A love song from Pam
Thank You For The Days, sung by Kirsty MacColl

Niella does Sonny and Cher (isn't this soooo cute?)

Jack {i love him so much} Johnson from Louise

Bright Eyes "first day of my life" lyrics from Lisa

And not one but two pages from Kent....

"Let Me Be Myself" by 3 Doors Down

"So What" from P!nk

Yoshmimi Battles the Pink Robots from The Flaming Lips courtesy of Jen...

and of course Judean, with a love song for her awesome hubby....

Link us up in here friends, and join us in two weeks for another winner, and another challenge!!!

and the weeeeeener is........

Wow, wow, wow was all we could say about the last round of entries - it was a really cool prompt thanks to Amy Tan, but man did we have a ton of people step up and run with it!! You know what they say though...there can be only one {sorry for the Highlander reference...} so the winner of the amazing prize from Manhandled is..... Amber!!! Congrats! Your layout is just amazing! Please email us at with your address, and your prize will be off to you.

Next prompt is going up very shortly so check back in soon!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

All Sewed Up

Sorry...with a prompt like "A Stitch in Time{s New Roman}" I had to come up with a snazzy title for all of our fabulous entries! Sew Cool...You Have Us in Stitches...the bad puns go on and on--kind of like all these lovely layouts (and one super project)! Enjoy:

We'll be back soon with a winner and the newest challenge!

Friday, March 6, 2009

new blog design

hey everyone, its shaina here!
recently us TyPisTs decided that it was time for a blog face-lift!
i volunteered for the job and using scrapblog, created what you now see. :)
(fyi: scrapblog is addicting!)

now we want to check with all of you!
so tell us what you think:
do you like it?
is it easy to navigate?
did you see the link to our Flickr group? don't forget to add your pages there too!

we'd love to hear from all of you!

and we also can't wait to see all of your creations for our current prompt.
have fun and play along.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

prompt #12 A Stitch in Time{s new Roman}

We're off and running with prompt number 12!!!! This time around we're celebrating all things stitched! Well specifically all letters stitched, because that's how we roll.... So sew, embroider, or floss those titles and journaling and link 'em up here by March 15 and YOU could win this....

Two (yes TWO!) packs of awesome, rad pins from Emily @ Manhandled (thank-you!!! you guys rock!!). Check out her etsy shop, you'll be in love....

The amazing typists have some great eye-candy for you but first I am so excited to introduce our guest-typist this time around.... Her name is Amy. She's totally FAB, and she makes the coolest t-shirts on the planet (for real). She's fun, she sweet, she's one of my heros. Plus, she gets to meet famous people, and she's the only person I know over 30 who can do a cartwheel in a bikini, and look amazing. How could you not admire her? Stitchin' on layouts is totally her thang'...

Hey there!

My name's Amy Tan, but a lot of people call me Amy Tangerine because that's my company name and it's more fun to say. When I was 21, I had my palms read and the first thing she told me was that I had creative hands. A couple years later, I started crocheting arm warmers with my mom and then in the spring we hand embroidered some tank tops that sold in a dozen stores across the country, including Fred Segal. After seeing Cindy Crawford in Glamour magazine wearing my tank, I decided I might have a business. It has been a balancing act, but a sweet ride nonetheless. Making your hobby into a business is a dream for a lot of people, and I am happy to report that with all the ups and downs, it has been worth all the hard work.
I am a fun-loving Libra who enjoys the sunshine and lifestyle that Southern California thrives on. After being born and raised in Chicago and then living in Atlanta for 10 years, I am happy to call LA home for now. I am 30 but don't feel it. I like traveling, but really enjoy being at home as well. My two Jack Russell terriers, Buster and Bamboo tend to drive me crazy and keep me sane. I don't have a sweet tooth, but can snack on salty stuff like Cheetos and Doritos at any hour. I just joined a gym, and enjoy making a fool out of myself in the dance classes. Hey- it's still a work out. My favorite quote is: "The secret to life is knowing how to make the bad times good and the good times unforgettable."
Enough rambling! Sewing used to be therapy for me, but now scrapbooking is... and finding a way to combine both of them has been fun. I am on the contributing design team for American Crafts and a fashionista on When The Creative Type asked me to be a guest designer, I was delighted! Hand stitching titles is a fun way to use your own writing to create a unique effect that is sure to get lots of "oohs and ahhs". Okay, maybe not, but you'll be mighty impressed with yourself once you have finished the stitching process. So get those paper piercers out (trust me, it makes it much easier than trying to poke your needle through the paper without pre-punched holes) and if you need some guidance, I did a little tutorial on ScrapInStyletv, and it can be found here: episode #78
Thanks and can't wait to see what you create! *amy

And this is how we did it.....










See ya back here in two weeks for another challenge, and a winner!! xo