Thursday, April 30, 2009

a little detour....

Hey guys!!!

We've made an executive decision! Since so many of the gals have been under the weather we're going to post the new challenge on Monday and give everyone a little time to get things sorted (especially me!!) . But this way the prompt (which is AWESOME I promise) will get the full two weeks it deserves.... We've got the uber-cool Amy Cutler guesting, and The Livingroom Floor sponsoring us (woo hoo!!). So come back and see us on Monday, and sorry for the delay! XO

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thought I'd Sneak One In Here...

Sandy's right, the typists have had a tough go of it--but I feel certain we'll come round very soon! In the meantime, look at all this prettiness submitted by YOU for the last prompt A Picture + A Thousand Words:

Wonderfulness abounds!
Sadly, there can be only ONE luck winner of the ScrapGal gift certificate, and that weeeeeeeeenner, chosen by our talented (but sickly) typists is......................

by the badass KristinaK!!
KK, we'll get that gift certificate right out to you--enjoy!

And tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow is when we'll be back with a NEW prompt, NEW sponsor, NEW guest designer...get ready--this one's a doozy!

good things come to those who wait...

Hey friends!!!

Just a FYI that some us typists have been a little under the weather and we need a wee bit more time.... the post will be going up tomorrow evening, one mere day late..... so hang onto your panties and tomorrow you'll get:

  • a new challenge
  • a new sponsor
  • a new guest designer
  • a weeeeener......

See you then!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Prompt #15: A Picture + A Thousand Words

Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it's absolutely true. So this week we're putting the two front and center! For prompt 15 we're asking you to break out those pens, those thickers, and your photo editor and get those words ONTO your photos!

Our guest this week is someone who is immensely near and dear to my heart! Say hello to Heather Fuentes!

"I'm a 34 year old rebel at heart, but a total domestic suburban mommy in real life. i drive a small car, live in a small house and live a fairly small life -- but i feel like it's all much bigger than that sounds. i love my friends and family fiercely. my family consists best friend to whom i have been married for the past twelve years. one eight year old daughter who is my life. one cat who loves to play fetch (freak). one dog who makes me nuts, but is too adorable to not love. extended family is in texas and california."
And just for good measure I'll add that this edgy, sarcastic, warm, and lovely artist is one incredibly inspiring gal! Thanks for hanging with us Heather!!!!

The sponsor of this week's challenge is ScrapGal--win a gift card to their fantastic store, jam-packed with all of your scrapbooking must-haves! OK, I know, that sounded totally used-car salesman-esque, but SERIOUSLY, they have A LOT of goodies in their store!!

And here is what the ever-fantastic Typists did!!!












Amazing work girls!!! Submit your layouts in this thread by Sunday, April 26, and that awesome Scrapgal prize might be yours!!!

Check out all the amazing submissions for our last prompt, "Where It's @"

And the WINNER of the fabulous prize from Shabby Chic Crafts:


email us at thecreativetype@ and we'll hook you up with your prize from Shabby Chic!!