Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coffee time "Welcoming"

That's what I'm calling it because I'm sitting here with my coffee, reading my email, and trying to play catch up. I have been overloading all of you with names and pictures and info because in 2 weeks it will be back to work for me. Now that does not mean that I will have no time for this now fantastic place, I will, but I just want the dust to be kind of settled before that happens. SO I have been pulling it all together the best I can, and trying to be smooth about it:)

OK hold one while I pop the Eggos into the toaster..............................

I'm back! What I wanted to post about today is how all of this will work, the mechanics if you shall call them. Every Monday we will be presenting you with an inspiring, fantastic, ubberly cool prompt that challenges your Typography skills(or helps you work on them) As of now, we are playing for the pure pleasure of creating and sharing, eventually we will have some surprises involved, eventually. Upload your pieces no later then Saturday 12am Eastern Time to our Flickr group, or post a link to it in the comments section of the prompt you participated in. Then after that Friday we will all ouuuu, and ahhhhh over each others pieces and a few will be showcased on the blog itself. In between all this prompt goodness we will have tons of inspiration coming at you, me or any of the fellow Typists will be posting all things that are Type goodness. Make sense??? If not, please feel free to contact me at:

If anyone owns an ETSY shop, kit club, Scrap booking store, art store, whatever the case may be, and they would love to sponsor one of our challenges, it would be greatly appreciated. With sponsoring our prompts, we will give you your own little feature on the blog, that will help promote. Please email all inquiries to the email address mentioned above.

As for the Flickr group, I made a "oopsy". Well, I made a "The Creative Type" flickr account, but I did not make it as a group!! That means you guys would not have been able to post any images to the group(because it was not a group) If you look at the current "The Creative Type" flickr, you will notice that in its groups that it has one called "The Creative Type" group Go ahead and join that one, and then you will be able to start uploading all your prompt images as well as Type related photos. Sorry for that error, just noticed it!

Well I think that's all the information, about the ins and outs of The Creative Type.
Today will be a 2 post or even a 4 post sort of day. I have more to say, but did not want to post with all this babble about rules and dates, and blah blah blahness.

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