Thursday, August 21, 2008

a distraction

hey everyone! sandy here! just thought i'd put a little inspo i came across today here for your entertainment and give poor patty a well-deserved rest! i came across this fun little tool today and thought it might give you all a great reason not to do the dishes, or laundry, or even scrapbook *gasp* for a good half-hour. it's all about words and might give ya all a little boost for the first challenge. have fun! p.s. the one above is from my blog - and patty's name made it's way on to it! go try it, it's really cool.


jen renee said...

WAY cool - I'm obsessed with playing with wordle!

The Creative Type said...

Hahaa, thank you Sandy!! This is exactly what I want you girls to do, post away if you like:)

I was just about to post my last post probably for the weekend and I had an error message, got freeked out and then realized one of you guys posted, yipppeee!!!

Louise said...

Woo Hoo WTG Sandy Thank you!!!