Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A post from Down Under

G'day everyone *grin*
Sharmaine here, signing in from Australia :)

Thought I would jump on in and share the page I made today. When I first saw the prompt for challenge one I thought OH ME OH MY!! I can't do that! but then I just let it sit in my head, well more like roll around in my head, and then today I finally got the chance to sit and let those thoughts out. I twisted the challenge, a little, and made a page that isn't about me, but is about me in that it's the thoughts in my head. I also did it as I wanted to, rather than pulling inspo from somewhere else. So the end result is this, which will now live on the wall near my scrap table.

It is a stark reminder, to me, not to waste time and not to grumble about not having enough, and oh my goodness I didn't use colour!!!!!

So I hope this inspires you to take those thoughts and run with them, to just let the gates fly open and create.


Sandy said...

i am dying over this!!! i love it - i think it's perfect. i'm so gonna lift ya...(-;


Louise said...

Yep Perfect Girl!!!!

The Creative Type said...

Great idea and take on the prompt.
I think we all need to make something like this:)

Pam said...

I'm so with you on this one!

Sharmaine said...

Phew lol. Sometimes you make something, share it and then sit back and bite your nails hoping that others see what you see/get what you got... For me this was one of those moments!!
Thanks everyone :)

Becki said...

This is GREAT!! I would LOVE to make something like this!

Anonymous said...

So so true. Thanks for sharing this!

Wendy said...

such truth! great job!!!