Thursday, August 21, 2008

type fanatic

hi all, allison here.
i'm here to share a little inspo + do some enabling.
my concert/movie poster prompt will be revealed later with a big announcement, so until then, check these out:

amazing right?
they are close up images of type, made into magnets by greggo magnets.
you get 63 one-inch magnets for $12.50.
what a deal right?
i bet some of you uber-crafty girls could whip up some of these in your scraproom pretty quick though...
does it make me a bad person that everytime i see something now, i always think i could make it for cheaper??
have a great evening and make sure to link up your prompts or post them to the flickr group!


The Creative Type said...

those are freeking awesome!

Louise said...

Oooh Allison, please dont give me another reason not to clean cook etc!!!!!

Wendy said...

i could definitely see these on my fridge or perhaps a cute board in my scrap studio! thx for sharing!

cara harjes said...

i love those magnets.
i gave some to herb in his stocking last year for christmas!