Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not done just yet.

With bios that is!!!


Of course I would only choose the most sweetest girls for our team, and Cara is one of them. Plus her scrapping style just rocks!


This England native is another unique scrapper. I love the stuff she comes up with, its not your typical layout usually. I also wanted to send some "Good Luck" vibes to her on her new dream job that she landed...............I believe its for a magazine. Enjoy your new job!!!!!!


jen renee said...

these are awesome, ladies! I love them both - so cool.

Louise said...

ditto Jen

Sandy said...

yup. me too. huge scrap-crushes on both of them. (-;

Stephanie Baxter said...

uwAwww, thanks Patty! And thanks for your sweet comments, girls :)