Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She worked it.

I hope everyone is enjoying our site, and maybe starting to become a little a more comfortable when it comes to type and the use of it in your artwork. That is our goal. I can only say that we have many more things up our sleeves and we would love to see more and more people participate and add to our already friendly and creative nook on the Internet.

For our third guest designer I introduce to you, the ever so talented Zina. This chick does it all, and looking at her stuff makes me want to take out my supplies and just stop being so damn lazy lately. I guess that is always the case when I stumble upon highly artistic people. Be sure to check out her blog, its bursting with all kinds of good stuff, seriously.

Her Bio

*click on the image above to read a little something about who she is, and why type is important to her.

Use a quote as your background...........................Zina you rocked this!

The colors, the lettering, the images.............................................she is the poster child of our Use a quote as a background prompt.

I'm sure we will be seeing much more of Zina here at the Creative Type in weeks to come.


Sandy said...

hey zina!! your bio and quote are just amazing. wow. so glad to see ya here. (-;

jen renee said...

wow, zina - I love your style so much!

Danyeela said...

Fantastic! Thanks so much for participating and sharing this gorgeous style of yours!

Niella said...



Kent said...

Awesome job Zina!! I LOVE your bio layout- makes me want to sit down and watch Napoleon Dynamite! Thanks for being our guest designer!

cynthia said...

Wow Zina you fit well with these amazing girls:) Totally inspiring stuff:)

april said...

Oh my word, I freakin' love your work!!!

The Creative Type said...

From Zina:

Hey guys...thats for the supportive comments. It's a total honour to be posting with all this amazing talent. What a great blog! WE are going to have soooo much fun!

angela said...

hi there! i made a page, but i'm not sure i interpreted the prompt correctly. anyhow, if you want to see, it's here: http://www.scrapinstyletv.com/userfiles/1/1548/image_large_219846.jpg

angela said...

ok, trying again!
please let me knkow if this doesn't work!

Pam said...

Angela-the link doesn't work.

lara said...

Highly inspirational!!!
I uploaded to the flickr group but you can see it on my blog here:


or at SiStv here:


Emma said...

That LO is just sooooo yummy. I've just uploaded a LO on my blog that was totally inspired by it.


disa said...