Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Type Casting" :)

Hmmmm ME,My Type/Font?

Well I usually use what ever I think suits the creative effect I want on my layouts!..... but I would have to say that when pressed my fave fonts, that speak ME, would be hand writing, [my own] which I use a lot, and typewriter fonts, which reflects my sometimes overriding conservative side [lol]!

As a person I am inspired by all things oriental, and I know it also influences my creativity as well. With all this in mind you will be able to appreciate the 'why' of the Layout I have created. [The chinese seals/symbols are: Prosperity, Joy, Peace, and Good Luck].

Cheers and Happy Type Scrapping,

Lou :) xxx

1 comment:

Niella said...

I adore your handwriting too Lou!! and of course all things oriental:)

Love the bamboo!!