Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The guest designer who inspired this prompt.

Well, all the guest designers inspire me, as well as all of our team members and all of the guests of our blog.

However, when coming up with this prompt, I thought back to this lovely girl who resides over in the UK. I remember first catching some of her stuff on Flicker, lots of wonderful photography and a collection of unique layouts and journal pages. A style that stands apart from alot of others.
So, I became an admirer of her work, checking out her blog here and there, seeing what she was coming up with.

Down the line I noticed she started selling her own lettering and paper designs over on ETSY, definitely one of a kind and brilliant.

I only felt it perfect to ask her to be our 4Th guest designer on The Creative Type and was over joyed when she said yes. I knew that she would present us with some inspiring and fantastic takes on this prompt.

I present to you, the loverly................ Kimberley Smith(be sure to go and take a look around her blog).

"Allo! I am a big fan of imperfections. I love the quirky bits that life has to offer- it keeps things interesting!That’s one of the main reasons why I adore typography, there is just so much you can say.So- I was excited to be picked for this challenge!! I use cut-outs, A LOT!There is something really satisfying and therapeutic about cutting out letters.They have so much character, those cute little letters!"

*A variation of quotes Kim writes down to keep. The lettering is made with the cover of a Vogue magazine.

Thank you Kim, I'm sure you have intrigued numerous readers and Typists alike!!!! I know that I enjoyed seeing what you had done and I look forward to seeing more.


jen renee said...

AMAZING stuff, Kim (but I expected nothing less!)

I love this girl.

And yes, you absolutely must check out her blog and Flickr stuff - you will be blown away by her creativity.

Sandy said...

yay!!! i love kim!!!! she's an amazingly creative, lovely creature. holy moly here stuff is RAD!!!

The Creative Type said...

yup yup:)

killerxkim said...

:D eek! thank you!

shaina said...

is just is: inspiration.
<3 you kim!!