Monday, October 20, 2008

Words, words, words.................and a winner!

Hey whats up Typography lovers? Patty here, ready to post prompt #5 as well as our prompt #4 winner of that great Gift Certificate to be used at One Good Bumble bee.
First off I would like to apologize for all delays and issues that we may have here and there. We are a laid back challenge blog, here for fun and inspiration. I don't run the tightest ship, but I enjoy what we have.

Second off, time to announce our winner from the previous prompt...................................................

Lara created lettering by twisting magazine pages. Great idea, and it looks so neat!!! And once again I have to say that it is always hard picking a winner. THEIR all great, so I hope you continue to challenge yourselves along with us!!!


And now I bring to you "Fill it in with words". That is our next prompt. What do you have to do you ask?? Well, pick a shape that you relate to, i.e a house, heart, book, etc. Then fill that shape in with words that relate to that shape. Once again, focus on the typography. Maybe make each word a different font style. Some words can be bold, some words can be skinny, some even script. Have your shape stand alone as its own piece, or add it onto a layout page like a few of our design team girls did. Make it work for you.
I think you get the idea! Remember to link all entries in this post's comment section no later then Sunday, November 2ND 12 pm Eastern time. We are giving away another GC to One Good Bumble Bee. I just adore their shop and want to share that with you!!!

Now take a look at how are Typists worked it:










Go and have fun with this and be back on Wed. for the revealing of our guest designer. She is pretty rad if I do say so myself:)


lara said...

OMGOsh - I won the gift certificate? Cool! Thank you so much - I'm glad something nice came out of one of the emotionally hardest layouts I've ever made :)
<3 this blog!

Kent said...

Congrats Lara! What a cool layout! Love it when we can have creating a layout turns into a good thearpy session!!

jen renee said...

wowza girls - amazing stuff this week! and congrats Lara!

Louise said...

Congratualtions Lara!!!

Awesome type creativity typists!!!!!

lara said...

My entry for prompt 5:

Diane said...

My entry for this prompt is:

This was fun!!

Sandy said...

this is rifi's layout!! i'm putting it up here for her b/c she wasn't sure how to do it. (-:

Chris said...

Here's my layout. I thought a lot about this one and getting the type to fit the shape was a challenge.

lisa said...

I'm loving all the creativity over here : )
Decided to join in this week.
lis xx