Sunday, November 23, 2008

Guest Typist time.......................

Brought to you a tid bit late is our guest typist for prompt #7. The late part was all my fault just to let you know.

So for prompt #7 its all about paint and words of course. I now bring to you a very crafty girl in deed, who's artistic ability span alllllllll aspects of the creative world. How could she not pull off making an inspiring layout to share with all of you??? Well lets see and learn all about our 7Th guest typist!

"My name is Lisa. I live in central California with my gaming nerd boyfriend! I spend most of my time crafting in our spare room while he is playing in the world of Warcraft.
It works well for us lol :) I scrapbook, but my other passions are sewing and photography.
I run 2 ETSY shops where I sell my sewn goodies, like zippy pouches, tote bags and scarves: Madame cupcake ETSY and the other for scrapbook supplies and Destash . They both consume waaaay too much of my time, so when I was asked to guest spot, it was like a sigh of relief to do something non-ETSY related lol!

I'm also going to school to be a nurse! Right now I'm in between classes and it's pretty perfect because I get to focus on my shops and make Christmas presents for people!
I think handmade presents are way better than store bought!

For my page Iused some foam stamps and paint...and then went a little nuts with black paint around the border lol! My poor little neglected foam stamps were happy to be free.
When was the last time you used yours?? Back when I did daily cards, I used paint on pretty much every one of them. Paint is the best, and if you haven't already done this challenge, you should! It's tons of fun!

Well, that's it for me. if you wanna know more about me, come by my blog and say hello!

Thank you Lisa!! And make sure to link all entries to the prompt #7 post no later then Sunday, November 30th. The winner will walk away with a great gift card to spend on paper, paper, paper!!


Lisa said...

hehe thanks again patty!!! you rock! so funny to see me on someone else's blog :)

have a great week darlin!!

Niella said...

Love the felt + stitched camera!!!

Kent said...

Welcome - I just stalked both your etsy shops and your blog! :-P

Lisa said...

thanks guys!

and kent - i didn't know which blog to go to lol but thanks SO much for your purchase!! thats so awesome :) i hope your friend loves it :) you'll have to let me know what she thinks!!

Christina C. said...

yay! lisa is fab!
and great challenge too :D

Sandy said...

Lisa, it's been so awesome to have ya!!! Hope you hang out with us again!!

Lisa said...

thanks everyone! i'm looking forward to doing the new prompt!