Sunday, October 4, 2009

Prompt # 20 "Masking"

Hello, hello!! We are finally back and ready to bring you many more Typography inspired challenges. Yesterday we introduced you to the new team members and today we are throwing a new prompt straight at you. I am glad to see that many of you have been awaiting our return, so lets get started.

For our first prompt back we challenge you to use masking as a technique when it comes to the type in your layout. So whether you mask out your title or even if your really brave, all of your journaling , go for it and have fun.

Masking is pretty much the reverse of say stenciling. Get out all of those old sticker letters you have that you just cant seem to find a good use for, grab some paint, ink, markers or even glimmer mist and get masking.

*One tip you may find useful when using sticker letters, is to mellow out that stickiness a little bit before placing it on the paper and getting it ready to use as a mask. Some of us Typists found that we were ripping up our paper which didn't lead to great results, so just take your sticker letters and stick them on a paper towel a few times until your stickiness is less intense. Believe me it will save your paper and your layout.*

To kick off our first prompt back, we brought in a super talented, fun, sweet, adorable guest designer named Jennifer Tucker. And well I will just let her introduce herself!!

"I am a mom, wife, friend, scrapper, happy, sarcastic, fun.
likes rascal Flatts, beer bellies, forever21, tattoos, dirty jokes, scary movies, coke, glee, cool ranch Doritos, watching sports, doing laundry, popping her toes, Maggie Gylenhall, frozen grapes, laughing, bad words, and sushi
does NOT like chocolate, the Dallas cowboys, cleaning the bathtub, fake people, stupidity, chipped nail polish, stuff that matches, fittin in, summertime, Megan fox, 6 packs and muscles, Cajun food, and the American league."

Here is what Jennifer came up with while using Masking as a technique.

Thank you Jennifer for playing along with us! We hope to see you again maybe a few prompts down the road.

Our sponsor this round is Jeny Penny Designs:

"JenyPenny" is an online marketplace that strives to inspire through simple art with simple suggestions. All our art is one of a kind and accented with vintage buttons, trims and thread. We create original works of art, jewelery, and paper goods out of fabulous mixed materials. Do you have a "simple suggestion?" Let us know. We love to do custom work.

You can also follow Jeny Peny designs on Twitter:)

Jeny has put together a pretty cute package of some of her very sweet homemade goodies. One winner will recieve:

1 flower pin

1 flower bobby pin

Align Center

and 3 present toppers for all your gifting needs!

The winner of this challenge will also be asked to come back and be a guest designer for The Creative Type in an upcoming prompt.
Now its time to see what those Typist's have been up to!










Now its your turn to start messing around with masking. Be sure to link up your creations to this blog post via the comment section by Sunday, October 25Th, 2pm eastern time for your chance to win!!!! Good luck and have fun:)


Unknown said...


I know so many of you now and IRL~!!!
Love everyone's pages! I am just going to have to play this round!
love you girls!

Stephanie Baxter said...

Girls, I'm so glad we did this prompt...I want to mask on everything now!! LOL.

Paz said...

Hiya Beth!!!!!!

And Stephanie, this prompt was fun. Challenging, but fun. I am going to try it in different ways I think.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh so kick butt to see everyone pages!!!!!!!!! Masking is cool, I say and all the different ways everyone did them!!!!! Thank you Patty for allowing me to be a part of this:) Yea! Jennifer for being the guest:)

Unknown said...

Sweet prompt, this will be fun! Welcome back everyone!!

Unknown said...

awesome challenge guys, love the layouts gooo jennifer!! :D

Nicole Renee said...

Here is mine, I have never done masking before so here is my first attempt! " )

Paz said...

great job Nicole!!!! Thanks for playing along:)

chris a said...

Yay for the new designers!!!!!!! so glad you're backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
here's my take on the masking

Unknown said...

Yay here's mine!

Hanneke said...

WOW greta you're all back!! Love what theDT made!!!
Here is mine:

Unknown said...

This prompt was so much fun! Doubled up a bit for Point.Blank.Period. Here it is:
So glad you guys are back!! Your LO's are amazing!

Ali said...

Awesome layouts by the DT!! What a great prompt! I've never tried masking before, so this was fun. I went a little crazy on my layout - and had a blast!

Emily D. said...

LOVE masking!! All of the DT's work is awesome! This is my first time playing after stalking you for a while! Glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

Thought this would be kinda easy.... BOY, was I wrong!!! I struggled with it,
but here's my layout

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Another masked title page--I'm hooked!

lisa said...

Great to have the challenges back again girls : )

lisa x

Glenda T. said...

Oh I loved seeing all the masky/inky/misted goodness!!! here's mine

Amy said...

i lifted jen, her LO was so awesome1 i didn't even know it was a challenge! i'm happy to play!

Lara said...

My first time joining you awesome ladies, but had a ball creating my page.... come see, it's here on my blog. Cheers!

Miss Jaster said...

Here's my page! Thanks for the inspiro!

amytangerine said...

love all these layouts ladies! thanks for the fun challenge. here's mine:

Viv said...

Love this prompt :) It was so much fun to mask, here`s my page;


Carolyn said...

This was a create prompt. Loved it!
Here's mine

Marina said...

Here is my take:
loved masking! It was the first time I've tried, but I just loved the result... Thanks for the challenge.

yyam said...

I'm playing along!

Here's my entry