Sunday, April 4, 2010

what great pages!!!

here are our entries for our latest prompt: REPETITION!!!
this is real quality work everyone... its so exciting to see new people participate in our challenges and grown as scrapbookers and be a part of our little community here!

thanks to all who played along!!

edited to add one more page.

be sure to leave some love for our participants!!
thanks everyone!!


mandysea said...

oH dear,I cant see mine here....
I did post a comment on April 3rd under the Prompt Post.

Here it is again....

shaina said...

got your page added mandy! thanks so much. sorry about the misunderstanding.
<3 shaina

mandysea said...

oH GOSh fault I didnt look too much further than the Guest's post, no misundertanding at all... THanks so much!!!!

SarahLP said...

Wow, tough job choosing a winner, these are all stunning!!!