Saturday, August 2, 2008

Coming soon......

Prompts and challenges geared to the world of type, story telling, design and all other creative aspects.
Coming this September!

Check back in for upcoming events and announcements!

Not to long ago I got into the whole realm of Type(font styles, handwriting styles, you get the deal) When I'm journaling on a layout or piece of collage(or whatever you or I may be doing that involves writing) I tend to really get into the way my letters look, the way the words flow on the page(especially if I'm using my own handwriting).
Type within it self is an art form, and alot of us have lost that along the way. Some of us would rather just skip the journaling process because we are not so happy with our handwriting, or we just don't know what to say, plain and simple. We tend to go for the pretty stuff, the embellishments, the patterned papers, the colors(which is all good) but we lose the true meaning in what we are trying to say because we cannot find the way to express it.
So I have been skimming through a few books, one of which is called "Hand Job: A catalog of type" and I started to get into the whole process of using my words as embellishment, and as focal points on my projects. I really became inspired to use my words you may say.
OK so what I am trying to get at is, I have finally started to put together a blog that focuses on Type and will include Type inspired prompts of all kinds, inspiring people, ideas, and just all sorts of fun and going ons. I have been putting this together for a few months now, just trying to decide on how I would go about this and get my ideas across, because I have quite a few brewing up there.
Its coming together quite good, and I feel its something that hasn't been touched on much and that we can have alot of fun with.
I have also decided that I would like a couple of ladies or guys(if your out there) to help join me, no big commitments, just laid back fun and art creating. I am looking for a total of around 5 people who are highly interested in participating in this.

If you:
  • You are a constant admirer of vintage print type blocks in museums, thrift shops, flea markets.
  • Have a love for anything Type(stickers, chipboard, stamps, rub-ons)
  • Enjoy journaling on layouts, ATCs, collages, paintings, etc.)
  • Take a different approach to scrapping by adding other elements in your work, stuff that you cant find at your typical Scrap booking supply store or section.
  • Enjoy looking at Indie records for their interesting lettering they have going on.
  • Find some graffiti to be quite captivating and interesting
  • Just have a love for inspiring, sharing, and teaching others.
Well then I would love for you to join me in this new project!!!!
I have big plans in the early stages of development, but I have a beginning in sight. The name has been chosen, the blog is getting all prettied up. Now I just need a team to help contribute!

Please do the following if your interested:

Deadline: August, 31st *12am*

Please include: 3 pieces of work(layout, painting, card, ATC's, anything made by you) that shows your love of type, story telling and of course creativity

Any links to your work(Flickr, blogs, galleries, etc)

Any ideas you would want to share for future prompts/challenges

Email all to the following:

I look forward to getting this going and hearing from you guys.


Daffie Online said...

Just when I thought there were way to many challenge blogs I find yours.. what a super cool idea!

Trish said...

Love your banner! I am looking forward to participating in the challenges.

The Creative Type said...

:) I have alot planned, and I hope its a ton of fun and inspiring!

{monica} said...

Looks like a great blog...I can't wait to see what you have in store! I was just working on a presentation yesterday (the non-scrap part of what I do) and ran across this great ppt template ( wanting to print that off on some cardstock and use on a layout!

amytangerine said...

so cool!
cannot wait for this!

The Creative Type said...

soon soon:) Ive come across some great chicks!!!!!!!!

danni said...

i absolutely love type. i will definitely be emailing you. what a great idea/collaboration! i just took a letterpress class in a local city nearby - talk about lost art form eh? can't wait for your blog, it seems just lovely! bookmarking it!

Tina Amato said...

I wish I had the talent to do something like this. Can't wait to see what the results are.

Niella {paperbutton} said...

I am. I am.
Emailing you:):)