Sunday, August 17, 2008

I went away and did not say goodbye.

So hello:) Thank you everyone for all the emails and comments, their making me smile galore. I have to say that its getting very hard, very, very hard to choose. I mean come on, who am I to choose people??? I guess that is what happens when you create a challenge blog, right?! Well I just have to say, I may have one of the biggest design teams on the Internet. Its going to be a very well rounded family, and I think its more interesting and double the fun to have a big DT. What do you think???? Is there a written rule somewhere about team limits??? Well I am going to break them if there are. If you have sent me an email during the time period of Thursday-Sunday, please just bare with me. I am trying to play catch up and I am having problems concentrating tonight. I will be getting back to you by tomorrow. Also by tomorrow evening, I shall have theee very first prompt up, so don't forget to swing by and see whats going on.

Ok, now its time for a revealing..........................shes always got a smile on her face, she is creative and she is going to bring some good stuff to The Creative Type family. Go, go, run, run, over to her blog!


Louise said...

OMG woo hooo, another FAB scrapper to the team!!!!

WTG Cara! :)

shaina said...

great choice! am i'm loving your idea of a big DT. you're right....who says you can't? :D :D