Monday, August 18, 2008

The Creative Type prompt #1

Summer is winding down, school supplies are popping up in every store, and most of us are anticipating Fall(well I know I am) Its times like this that make me remember when I was a kid and the start of school was right around the corner, I would have mixed emotions, nervous, excited, and sort of sad that I had to go back to school because we all knew it meant homework once again. The one thing I can recall on those first days of school was the first assignment "What I did on my summer vacation" and also the whole deal where you stand up in front of the class and say your name and something sort of intriguing about you.
The Creative Type as well all know by now will be starting up on September 1st which is a Monday. It will be the official day of the beginning of this here Typography challenge/inspiration blog. To me it will be like the first day of school, introducing myself, the team, sharing and getting to know each other in general.

Without further ado its time to let you in on my little idea that we will call "The Creative Type Prompt numero uno"

Lets face it, type is all around us. Some of it can be related to not so good things, i.e a bill, or even a speeding ticket(hehe) or we can relate it to fantastic, eye catching appealing things such as......................................................concert posters. There are alot of extremely commercialized concert posters that are produced for the masses and can come off as kind of bland and same ole same ole. Then there remains the true art form of poster making, hand made right down to the type, oh glorious concert posters:)

Ok, now back to introductions and how this ties into concert posters. Create a concert poster(or even a movie inspired poster layout) inspired introduction of yourself! Of course with type being the main focus, create your own type, make it pop off of your piece, make the type the focus. Use big letters and small letters, silly letters, bold letter, etc. Use colors, or go simple, add different elements, collage, sew, paint, add pictures, etc. Pretend you are designing a poster to introduce who you are! It can be in the form of a layout, an ATC, a page drawn in your art journal, anything. You own the creative license on how you go about this, rock out to some music in the background, pretend you are a rock star and have fun with it.

If you have flickr, be sure to add "The Creative Type". All projects can be uploaded into that gallery or add a link in the comments section of this entry no later then September 6th.

So do you need some inspiration to help you out with this prompt??
how about these
or one of my favorite artists/poster creators

*all of these poster images are courtesy of google image.

Its also that time again. She's a fellow SIS, loves green and creates fun scrapping goodness. Man, The Creative Type is really growing:)


Anonymous said...

Well How much fun is this Patty!!!

Good luck in your new creative venture and I know I'll book~mark you!

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm I'll try and see if I can find time to create a poster. :)

MandieGirl said...

Yay! This is looking SO FUN!!!! Can't wait to start!

cynthia said...

yea! Patty so will have do this:) You have something special here girl:)

lara said...

omfg - i am so excited about this blog idea! i love typography so much i can't wait to play with it more in my scrap art!

EliseBlaha said...

you are so cool.
i am so excited for this.

Louise said...


And Wooo Hooo WTG Judean :)

Daffie Online said...

Woohoo..what a great prompt!

{monica} said...

Wow...what a fun prompt!

judean said...

I definitely had fun with this one!

jo_annie said...

such an inspiring challenge blog! added my take to the flickr group pool...

so much fun I just might try another...

also found here:

lara said...

fun fun fun!



Adrienne said...

Yay I finished this!

My mojo was absent for a while... But it came back today.

Here it is!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this blog!

This is the first time I've played along on a challenge blog, I think it's going to be fun!