Friday, August 22, 2008

Inspired by..

Well, hi everyone, Pam here. So first I want to say how excited I am to be part of this blog. I know I am going to have my creativity seriously challenged by participating in the blog prompts, and that's exciting.

So the first challenge-WOW, have I seen some fantastic posters-deciding which to use as my source of inspiration was so hard-but that's OK, because I saved them to a file and can use them as a source of inspiration when my mojo goes awol! In the end I chose this poster:

I loved the vintage feel and that the type is handwritten. Now I can't do lettering like that-you would need to be a trained signwriter I think, and I'm not sure whether signwriters even exist anymore in this digital age, but I did enjoy doing a totally handwritten poster. I also decided to carry the poster theme through to the journalling style, which I've tried to do in a movie trailer style. (Are they called trailers internationally? I used to call them 'shorts' when I was a kid. Anyway I'm rambling on about the movie previews that advertise films that are coming soon.) Here's my take:

The journalling reads:

She lived an ordinary life-married, 2 kids, a house in the suburbs.

She enjoyed simple things-countryside walks, gardening, being alone.

She dabbled in arty stuff.

She hated injustice and queues and housework.

She lived an ordinary life, and yet....... made her extraordinarily happy.

It's great to see some fantastic work appearing on in the flickr gallery too. Keep them coming!!


judean said...

fantastic take on the prompt! love the journaling, it makesa-me smile :)

shaina said...


Sandy said...

amazing!! i love it!

Jen said...

Hi Pam! Great stuff, Fantastic journalling, very inspiring. Jen from g :)

Wendy said...

fabulous work!!! completely inspiring! such a cool poster & i LOVE your take on it! great work girlie! :-)

Louise said...

Oooh Pam that is such a cool Take!!!!

Danyeela said...

so beautiful - love all the doodling, and the frame!

The Creative Type said...

Yet another awesome take on the prompt. We really have talent in our group, that is for sure:)

Anonymous said...

i love handwriting and unusual typography, too. so glad i found this blog-it gives me new ideas and inso! thanks!