Sunday, August 24, 2008

jumping in!

happy sunday, girls!
cara, coming at you live from sunny denver!
we are getting so excited this week
as our beautiful city is hosting the DNC
(the democratic national convetion)
whatever your political bent,
it is really fun to show off the city you live in.
(we are volunteering as goodwill ambassadors for our city this week,
so i am sure you will be hearing some of our stories
over on my personal blog)

this morning i have been searching for some good
gig poster inspiration
and i found quite a bit!

here is the poster that really stood out to me:

i was actually surprised because i am
normally drawn to things that are a bit more
colorful, graphic, and "pop art-y".
so, it was fun to draw inspiration from something new.

here is my take:
i printed a picture of myself and trimmed it
to form the silhouette.
then i used sharpie markers to do the writing
(i printed the picture of normal paper,
and i think it made it easier to write on)
and i outlined each letter with black ink
to give a finished look to the lettering.
i love the way it turned out so graphic and bold,
while still being simple!

some other posters i loved . . .

that is what i've got for you today!
i hope you have a wonderful end to the weekend!
(and to those on the other side,
happy monday!)



Jodie Allen said...

Oh I LOVE that! If I send you a photo will you do that for me? :)

I just love that idea!

jen renee said...

WOW - you totally rocked this, awesome job!

Wendy said...

awesome work cara! love your journaling on the photo! (some of the links to the posters didn't work for me to open, maybe just a kink on my side). yes, almost monday on my side of the world 11:20pm, but just wanted to shout "great job" before i head to bed.

Niella {paperbutton} said...

Awesome idea!!

Louise said...

Typically FAB Cara!! :)

Anonymous said...

loved your take on this poster.

i actually saw quicksilver messenger service about this same time in fort worth in a place called Panther Hall!

The Creative Type said...

Love how you used the type over your picture.

Its really interesting!