Saturday, August 23, 2008

the one about the concert poster

Good Morning. Susan here. I just finished up my take on our very first prompt and i wanted to share it with you, but before i do that i first off wanted to say that it is not only a pleasure but a true honor to be one of the design team members for The Creative Type Blog. I am amazed at all the great talent we have and a special thanks to Patty for giving me the opportunity to display my art with you all. 

ok. so my inspiration for my lo was taken from this concert poster

I was drawn to the colors and the shapes and, of course, the simplicity of the lettering. so here's what i did

i liked the idea of using my SIS name "one-cool-chick" to give my page more of a movie poster feeling and i used some stamps that were a "fun" font to convey the overall playfulness of the photo. 

can't wait to see more examples of other peoples ideas. it always amazes me how many different varieties people can have for one concept...

chat with ya later


Pam said...

Susan-I LOVE this-it's so funky and I love he clours and the phrase! I agree that it's so interesting to see how diverse the projects from one prompt can be.

EliseBlaha said...

this looks rad.

i love it.

Louise said...

Too Cool girl, too Cool!

Wendy said...

chic photo girl! love your take on your poster!!! great concept and you rocked it!

Sandy said...

amazing!! totally rad.

Danyeela said...

Awesome. Totally love cour version of this!

cara harjes said...

this is so great!
i love the pic!

The Creative Type said...

The handmade background is fun.
The type is even better:)
The whole thing is cool!!