Friday, August 29, 2008

sitting at home on a friday night...

okay so hopefully you all have something more interesting to do than i tonight...but just in case i got something fun for you to try. {on a little side note i typed 'fun things to do with fonts' into google and got a list of fun things to do in montgomery, alabama, so there you go if you live in montgomery. you're welcome.}

go check out this site called type-is-art. and just play around and have fun! it reminds me of when prince turned his identity into a symbol (his niece is a student at my school - just sayin' that's only one degree of separation, yes one.). you'll there's a whole gallery in there of 'art' people have made from type. the best part? you can save your artwork (and even frame it and sell it on etsy i suppose!!) so if you make one please link it up in here and/or in the flickr group so we can see it! i'm off to play now. have a lovely weekend friends. (-:



Niella said...

what a wickedly uber cool place!!

thanks for the link:)

lots of fun to be had!

shaina said...

very cool!! thanks for sharing. :D

cynthia said...

Oh Sandy this is so fun:) I am so addicted to creative type:)