Saturday, August 30, 2008

untamed frog budging aseptically

Here's another fun one: Random Phrase Generator! Stuck for a layout title? Need journaling inspiration? Check out this site, where you can specify what type of word (noun, adverb, etc.) and maximum complexity/obscurity of the random phrase. (Yes, the title of this post was randomly generated!)

Also potentially giggle inducing: the Random Paragraph generator, where you can specify a primary and secondary subject, and get a 4-5 sentence all about them! Finally, if you're really stuck for creative ideas, try the Random Word Brainstorming tool, where you follow a series of steps and receive some
unusual combinations of words and ideas related to your situation.



shaina said...

i was like: huh? when i read the title! cracking me up girl! thanks for sharing.

Sandy said...

omg, this is scary fun...look at this...wth? it's so vague and meaningless it almost sounds profound!! thanks judean - good times indeed!!

"A decline reminds sandy around every broadcast. Happiness owns sandy. The sign murder compromises happiness. Happiness reaches near an anger. Its adjusted constituent leans below the clear bicycle."

Susan said...

how fabulously funny!

april said...

so freaking cool.

Tyson said...

HAHAH this was fun! Im gonna have to save this page to my faves!

"A federal south towers. The novice editorial discriminates on top of intuition. Intuition flies with the characteristic backspace. Imaginary objects without intuition. Should another ahead seventh talk past a surplus?"


Becki said...

errrh uhm....The above comment was really from me...I didnt notice DH's account was signed in....OOPS

Niella said...

One could have so much fun with this!!