Tuesday, September 9, 2008

add a little type to your life

so, as i'm sure you can imagine, i love type.
a lot.
and i try to incorporate it into my life as much as possible.
but there are so many more ways to incorporate it into your life, besides scrapbooking (not that there is anything wrong with that, of course :)
here are some of my favorite finds that can give you little injections of type throughout your life and home.

this little necklace is perhaps the cutest thing ever.

uppercase scarf. what a statement. can you just imagine bundling up in this when it gets chilly?? also comes in lowercase, numbers, black or white.

i love you bowl i have a secret dream of buying this dish, then serving adam fresh blackberries in it.

read button. sometimes you just want to whisper what you're really feeling. a button is perfect! {i always wear a t-shirt message when i want to shout something} not only do i love the message, as my other passion is reading, the typewriter font is fab.

french love shirt i do however, love to shout in foreign languages :)

our very own jen hooks up your little ones with adorable text tees of their own!

another way that i love to incorporate text into my home is to buy cards or posters, frame them and voila! instant art! some of my favorites:

joy shout card check out her other listings too- they are marvelous!

and we've only just begun

enjoy the ride. she has some great stuff in her shop as well. beautiful pictures + awesome text.

it's simple.
our very own elise has a fab shop full of hand letterpressed goodies. i have this one in red, framed and hanging up in my bathroom. it totally motivates me everyday. check out the rest of her shop. i wish i could live in it.

so, go ahead and put a dent in your bank account. i do often..lol. but it makes my house so full of type, and that makes me happy. and can you honestly put a price on happiness?
there is so much more stuff out there that incorporates type too. just go to etsy and put 'text' in the search box. you'll come up with oodles of pages.



Niella said...

Allison, these are all fab inspiration!!! Love the scarf..so rocks:)

EliseBlaha said...

yoooou are a dear.

The Creative Type said...

Oh goodness, there goes my 2nd paycheck!! I love the "Go turn off the tv and read" buttons, must get one!