Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just a little edit.

The schedule for the prompts will be changing. This will alow you guys out there to have more time to be able to participate in our challenges and have a chance to win some cool giveaways. We will be going with a every other Monday time table. Prompt # 2 will be due(posted in the comments section or emailed to Thecreativetype@hotmail.com) by Sunday, September, 20th - 12 pm Eastern Time. Here is a little schedule for all of you participating with us!

Monday October, 6th- Due Sunday October, 19th at 12 pm Eastern time.
Monday October, 20th - Due Sunday November, 2nd at 12 pm Eastern time.
Monday November, 3rd - Due Sunday November, 16th at 12 pm Eastern time.
Monday November, 17th- Due Sunday December, 1st at 12 pm Eastern time.

And so on and so on.

This will give you two weekends to try and play along.


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Anonymous said...

I like that change... most of the challenges are about a wk, which I never find time to join. But two weeks gives me time over the weekend.