Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bios, bios, bios

So I'm running on weird day time, thinking its like Tuesday when its really Wednesday. The whole holiday weekend and going back to work has gotten me all askew and lacking time. With that I am trying to fit in the bio posts so that you all can get to know the girls better. Lets continue...............


Love what Susan did with her bio, such is probably why I chose her............the proof is in the pudding:) Be sure to click on all the bio pieces to see them better. There is alot of interesting tid bits on almost all of them.


Love the collage feel of April's piece, that and her multi pictures that she added. Now you know a little more about her!!


Susan said...

eeekkk. i'm such a fool i put 37 random facts instead of'm such a burn

The Creative Type said...

Thats ok, the more the better!

Niella said...

these profiles are F A B!!

Love the little details you have both included:):)





Louise said...

I agree with Niella!!!!!


Kent said...

Very cool layouts!