Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Friday

I am off today!!!!!!! Yes I am. I finally went back to work and it feels great, but I forgot how it leaves me with lack of time, to do anything. So I'm playing catch up, today and tomorrow.

Now on to more introductions.....................................


Elisa has a great sense for Typography. She letter presses her very own quotes which she sells in her store (go on and check it out) And of course she knocks out some very unique pages.


Another styling scrapper. Her stuff is just all around great! Just check out her bio the color combo!!!


Chez said...

Judean you are one hot momma!!!!!!! way to be sister!

Lori W said... this! you rock! looking forward to the next challenge ladies! :)

MandyKay said...

judean is the bombdiggity!!!!

Cassie said...

I LOVE that Skullie!! Where did you get it?
p.s. I {heart} you!

Niella said...

these are A W E S O M E girls!!

Elise, love LOVE your letter pressed stuff:):) what you have done.

*S W O O N*

Leah said...

I totally love this! Judean rocks my socks! xoxo