Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just Some Smashin' Stuff

Hi! It's Savitri here.
I know I know, I haven't posted much.
Actually this is my first post here.
Hopefully I'm not cutting into anybody's post time :)

Ok, by night I am a paper or digital crafter.
LOVE it!
By day, I am a teacher, geek, and web designer & developer.
So, Type is very near and dear to me.
One site that I LOVE for inspiration is Smashing Magazine.
You should check it out.
Even if you're not on the Internet geek squad.
Well, first you get tons of freebies like FREE FONTS.
Then you get lovelies like



Just awesome awesome stuff... so breathtaking indeed!
There are more, tutorials for example.

So check them out and I guarantee that you'll be inspired :)

1 comment:

The Creative Type said...

That magazine is interesting. I have never heard about it before, thanks for letting it out of the bag:)