Saturday, June 13, 2009

T-shirt inspiration??

Here at THe CrEatiVe TyPe we're all about finding inspiration in unexpected places... and this time around we're challenging you to use a T-shirt as the starting point for your creation, and of course you know how we's all about the text!!

For this week's Prompt 18 - T-shirt inspiration, we have a wonderful donation of a $35.00 gift certificate to Bella Button Designs. Her beautiful Etsy shop features personalized, hand stamped, metal jewelry. Perfect for all you font lovers out there! Here is just a sample of her work and to get you all motivated to submit those layouts!

Such an AMAZING, and talented etsy seller!!! We can't thank-you enough for your beautiful prize!!

check out what our TyPisTs have come up with this time:


Amy Tangerine t-shirt (which I'm getting in just over a week! just sayin'...)


(Veer t-shirt)




Amazing girls!!! And thank-you, as always, for being the best group of girls EVER!

And of course, you're wondering who wins that cool class kit from Kent?? We got some really creative entries this go round, so it was TOUGH choosing, believe you me! But there can be only congrats Yvonne!!! Great layout!
send us an email at and we'll get that great class kit off to ya! unfortunately we can't ship Kent too, but we would if we could!

Hook us up here to your always-amazing creations by Sunday, the 28th for a change at the amazing prize! xo


Jessica said...

congrats Yvonne!!!

amytangerine said...

this is sooo cool!

judean said...

wow--these are so fun, Typists! Great job!!!

Life Made Creations said...

This is so fun. I just found you guys (and the cuteness that is Amy Tangerine), so I decided to play along. Here's my LO
Thanks for the inspiration to document another moment in our lives!

nelliemaeii said...

Great challenge!! Thanks!!

disa said...

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